Generally our client relations are not limited to one-off transactions


Generally our client relations are not limited to one-off transactions. We are proud to be a trusted advisor to many of our clients, which is evidenced by recurring business.

Our approach to transactions is characterised by making the right introductions for our clients, coordinating advisors involved, using a hands-on approach and staying actively involved until closing. In everything we do, we apply the principle of explaining complex matters in a simple and understandable manner, which is also reflected in the materials we prepare.

We have established partnerships with specialists complementary to our skill-set and with comparable working ethics. This allows us to offer a complete set of financial related services.

In general, our fee schedules are based on a monthly retainer or hourly fees, and a success fee upon closing of a transaction. Our proposals are transparent, straightforward and tailored to the specifics of the assignment.



•  Mergers & acquisitions
         –  Buy and sell side
         –  LBO, MBO and MBI
•  Arranging financing for companies and projects
         –  Equity, mezzanine and debt

Stategic advisory

•  Sector and market analysis
•  Valuation analysis
•  Capital structure analysis
•  Transactions preparation
•  Financial analysis of strategic alternatives